About Moringa

My Journey with Moringa

The reason I got into Moringa to start with was purely a commercial decision. I like most Australians I had not heard of Moringa. My job was as a web developer and I was asked to set up a website and sell Moringa online.

But it soon became so much more. I really enjoy supplying a product that is sustainably grown and is so good for people. The more I learn about Moringa and its benefits to people all over the world the more I get excited.

I started taking Moringa and noticed my energy levels increasing and my concentration was better. I then stopped taking them after a month and noticed my energy levels plummeting. So I resumed taking them and noticed the difference.

I used to spend half my life in Thailand and the other half in Cairns. I discovered some suppliers in Chiang Mai and ordered some of their products.
The product was very cheap so I had nothing to lose. I soon found that the quality of the product was variable. Well actually it was rubbish. I then saw the suppliers at a local wet market preparing Moringa Capsules. I will say that hygiene was not a priority!!!

I then purchased some powder from India and it was brown. Moringa should be a bright green colour.

Your Moringa growers.
Finally I found a supplier in Chiang Mai Thailand.
After a few meetings with them and purchasing their product for me to try, I was ecstatic with the quality of their Moringa. These people really know what they are doing!

The mother and father own a rubber plantation south west of Chiang Mai at the foot of Doi Internon (Thailand's highest mountain). Years ago the father had blood sugar issues as well as gout. A family member suggested that he take Moringa. In a short period of time his gout was gone and his blood sugar levels had stabilized. They then decided they should be growing it on their farm. From there with lots of trial and error they have mastered the growing and processing aspects of Moringa Oleifera. Their daughter and son in law look after all of the processing and marketing of their Moringa product. They are currently shipping Moringa all over the world.

They have a small factory in Chiang Mai for their processing of the Moringa leaf into Moringa Powder, Moringa Capsules and Moringa Tea. They have Thai GMP licences and Thai FDA licences. They run their business in a most professional manner and their product is always consistently perfect.

As I spend a lot of time in Chiang Mai I am in a position that I inspect every shipment before it leaves Thailand to ensure that only the finest quality Moringa is distributed by me.  

Moringa Oleifera needs little care and attention and can grow in many warm climate scenarios. It needs little water and food and can live in the most appalling soil conditions. But to get the highest quality Moringa loving care and good soil will reap high rewards. The tap root of the Moringa tree grows deep into the soil and can obtain nutrients from the surface and deep into the soil. Most of our vegetables draw nutrients from the surface only. This depletes the soil and therefore requires a lot of fertiliser. The best fertiliser for Moringa is Moringa! The older leaves and branches that are not suitable for processing are returned to the Moringa trees as fertiliser.

Pesticides are not needed as Moringa is pest resistant!
We recently had full tests done on our Moringa products and it came up totally free of any pesticides.