Pure Cold Pressed Virgin Moringa Oil

Benefits of Moringa Oil:

Dry and rough skin conditions can be used on          skin, lips, hands, face, body cracked heels and        cuticlesHelps control pimples and blackheadsMinimises wrinklesHelps reduce minor scarsHelps reduce stretch marksEczemaPsoriasisIchthyosisMakes an Anti-Oxidant rich massage oilSoften and Shine hairHelp reduce hair lossHelps promote hair growthHelps reduce dandruffHelps soothe an itchy scalpProtects skin from free radicals and cell damageHelps repair pre-existing skin damageHelps to relieve insect bites and rashes

How to use Moringa Oil

Hair and scalp
Massage Moringa Oil into the scalp and hair. Wrap hair and scalp in a warm towel or shower cap for 30 minutes. Wash and condition. For best results use at least twice a week.

Face and neck
For best results use after washing or showering when skin is damp and warm. Use Moringa Oil twice a day, in the morning and night.

Body, hands, foot and targeted care.
Massage into desired area until fully absorbed by the skin, Use on freshly washed warm damp skin for best results. Apply as frequently as needed.

Moringa Oil is rich in Anti-Oxidants that can help fight free radicals which cause skin damage and premature aging. It can help repairing damaged skin cells and preventing future skin cell damage.

Moringa also contains vitamins A,B,C,E and essential fatty acids.

Cold pressed virgin Moringa Oil. Comes in a 30ml pump bottle, to use as a moisturizer for your skin. Simply apply to skin and rub in.
Moringa Oil also comes in a 250ml pump bottle.

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