Product alert - Beware of cheap Moringa imitations

Moringa is a new product to Australia and I thought it essential for customers know what to look for in quality Moringa.

Moringa powder should be green in colour and have a strong fresh grassy smell. And a strong taste

A recent purchase by me of a super cheap product online costing only $35.00 per kg revealed some very poor quality Moringa coming into Australia.

The colour of the cheap product was a yellow brown colour. I have taken some photos of the inferior product and The Moringa Shop powder side by side for a comparison. These photos have not been edited or photo shopped! The product had very little smell or taste compared to the Moringa Shop Moringa powder. I could barely smell the Moringa in the cheap product compared with a strong aroma from The Moringa Shop product.

Why is some Moringa brown?

There are a number of reasons that Moringa powder can appear brown.

1.Poorly grown Moringa. Moringa can grow almost anywhere in a tropical climate. Poor soil and lack of nutrition can make the powder brown and therefore be less effective to use as a dietary supplement.

2.Poor processing. It's all well and good to grow Moringa, but how is it processed? Brown or yellow can mean that it has not been dried correctly. It's either heat treated or sundried.

3.Contamination. If the Moringa has not been processed cleanly and contains contaminants such as bacteria or mould it can change the colour of the product.

4. Poor Quality leaves. The Moringa tree will have a variety of quality and dead leaves at any given time. If old or dead leaves are used in the powder that have very little value for nutrition will make the powder brown. The Moringa Shop Products discard these leaves and add them back to the soil as fertiliser. Old leaves are not used in the making of any Moringa Shop Products.

In other words Moringa that is not green can be useless or even dangerous to use.

The Cheap Moringa I purchased was via an Australian website with the country of origan being India, I have received samples from India before and the quality has always been poor. I get bombarded by Indian companies trying to sell me products.

When I ask them for their certifications for their claimed organic status or their food handling, they go quiet.

Do your own searches for poor quality or brown Moringa. These are a couple of links for you to read that are not associated with me.

What we do and what we guarantee.
I work closely with my suppliers in Chiang Mai Thailand. I spend 3 weeks of every month in Chiang Mai and the other week in Australia. I inspect and send every shipment that they produce for me to Australia. I visit their factory on a monthly basis. I know the growers and processors which is a family business personally. ( Read the full story )

I have travelled extensively throughout South East Asia searching for professional Moringa growers and suppliers. The Moringa Shop's Moringa products are some of the best available.

Our suppliers have Thai FDA and Thai GMP licences for processing the Moringa. It's a clean well processed product.

Our Moringa is organically grown, but not certified as yet as we are working on that. It takes a minimum of 18 months to get a tree certified organic.

We guarantee our product; if you are not happy with our product simply return it for a full refund.

We have our Moringa professionally tested for vitamin, amino acid, bacteria and pesticides.

We take the sale and distribution of our Moringa seriously and we are not just after a quick buck at the expense or our customers by supplying inferior products!

Below is a photo of The Moringa Shop Powder on the left and the cheap product on the right.

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11 Jul 2014
at 09:44 AM
Absolutely green. The leaf color of healthy Moringa trees is bright emerald green at its peak and should be mostly retained in the drying process. Thank you for your well-written commentary and also the excellent links!

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