Moringa Oil 500ml

Moringa Oil in 2 x 250 ml bottles.

Product details

Cold pressed virgin Moringa Oil. Comes in 2 x 250ml pump bottles, to use as a moisturizer for your skin. Moringa oil is extremely stable and does not become rancid for several years.

Dry and rough skin conditions can be used on skin, lips, hands, face, body cracked heels and cuticles
Protects skin from free radicals and cell damage
Helps repair pre-existing skin damage
Helps to relieve insect bites and rashes
Helps control pimples and blackheads
Minimises wrinkles
Helps reduce minor scars
Helps reduce stretch marks
Makes an Anti-Oxidant rich massage oil
Soften and Shine hair
Help reduce hair loss
Helps promote hair growth
Helps reduce dandruff
Helps soothe an itchy scalp

Product of India