Moringa Seeds STD

Standard Moringa Oliefera variety. 10 grams of Moringa Oleifera seed for cultivation. Count approximatly 25- 35 seeds. Free Postage Seeds cant be sent to TAS or NZ. WA special conditions apply.

Product details

Grow your own Moringa tree.
Moringa is a tropical plant so it needs a warm to hot climate. It will grow in cooler areas but will not perform well or produce a lot of Moringa leaf. The winter months will make the Moringa plant go dormant.

Seeds Cant be sent to Tasmania.

Western Australian customers please be aware that if the Western Australian Agricultural department intercept the parcel and inspect the parcel they may charge you a fee of $57.00 before they will give you your seeds. This fee may or may not apply and it is the responsibility of the customer to pay this.

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