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Moringa PKM1 Seeds

$16.95 Ending soon
10 grams of Moringa Oleifera PKM1 seed for cultivation. Count approximatly 25- 35 seeds. Free Postage

Mini Greenhouse PKM1 Seeds

$38.95 Ending soon
Moringa propogation kit. Great for getting Moringa seeds going in the colder months.

Moringa kit

$99.00 Ending soon
Deluxe Moringa Growing Kit comes complete with a hard plastic greenhouse, Moringa Seeds, 24 Biodegradable pots, Moringa Fertiliser, Propagation Thermometer and a Moisture Meter.

Seed Pots

$8.00 Ending soon
24 Seed Pots

Heat Mat

$64.95 Ending soon
A propagation heat mat Made in New Zealand

Plant Moisture Meter

$12.00 Ending soon
Moisture meter to test how wet or dry your Moringa plants are.

Propagation Thermometer

$9.99 Ending soon
A propagation thermometer helps you regulate the temperature of your germinating Moringa Seeds.
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