Organic Turmeric with Pepper

Our Organic Australian Turmeric, black pepper and ginger capsules are manufactred in Australia. The capsules are Vegi Caps. 120 Capsules per bottle.

Product details

Why Black Pepper with Turmeric? Black Pepper is known to aid absorbtion of Turmeric making it more Bioavailable.
Our Organic Turmeric Capsules with black Pepper and Ginger are made from Vegi Caps. They are Australian Made and certified Organic. They contain NO additives or fillers and only contain what is listed in the section below. Our capsule size is 660mg.
They are Gluten free and Vegan Friendly.
Product is grown in India.
120 Capsules per Bottle.

Organic turmeric powder (607mg)
Organic ginger powder (50mg)
Organic black pepper powder (3mg)