Moringa FAQ

Moringa FAQ

Moringa FAQ

How can I pay?

You can pay online either using your Pay Pal Account, Credit Card or direct credit into our bank account. If you choose to pay via credit card click the Pay Pal option at the checkout. Then you have the option of using a Pay Pal account or a debit or credit card.

If you select Direct Credit you will receive a tax invoice with our bank details attached. Please check you spam or junk folder if you have not received your invoice.

How do you send out goods?

Our postage is sent out via Australia Post Express service and Regular Australia Post. Please use the calculator at the checkout.

Please check Australia Post for delivery times from our warehouse.

Are there any pesticides used on your Moringa?

No there are no pesticides used on any of our Moringa products. The beauty of Moringa is that it is pest resistant and does not require pesticides. I have had The Moringa Shop product tested for pesticides and it came up clear of any contamination.

Are chemical fertilizers used?

No our Moringa is grown without the use of chemical fertilisers. Unused Moringa leaves and small branches that are removed from processing are returned to the soil. To maintain the highest quality Moringa leaf powder, it essential to only use fresh green leaves. That's what gives our Moringa a nice green colour.

Mulch is added to the left over Moringa to use as fertiliser.

Which is better, fresh or dried Moringa?

If you are lucky enough to grow your own Moringa then I would say that the fresh is better. Fresh Moringa has higher Vitamin C than the dried product. The dried Moringa does retain its other nutritional values particularly the Anti-Oxidants and Amino-Acids.

The problem is that fresh Moringa does not store very well. Once picked the leaves wilt within hours.
When Moringa is dried it is reduced to around 10% of its normal wet weight. So you would have to eat 100 grams of fresh Moringa Leaf to get the same benefit as 10 grams (2 teaspoons) of dried Moringa Powder. The other advantage of Moringa Powder as opposed to wet (fresh Moringa) is that the likelihood of moulds, fungus and bacteria are drastically reduced with a proper drying method.

How is your Moringa processed?

Our farmers grow the Moringa on the farm. It's then picked by hand; this ensures that only top quality Moringa leaves are used in the process. From this point on gloves, masks and hair nets and lab coats are worn by the workers in a clean environment. The Moringa goes through an initial sorting removing any unwanted Moringa leaf. The Moringa is then washed in clean sterilized water. The leaves are then transferred to the drier.

After it is fully dried another sorting process takes place, this removes any discoloured leaves and branches from the Moringa tree. After sorting it's placed into sealed bags and transferred to the purpose built processing factory a short distance away. Here the factory staff grinds it into powder or make Moringa Tea. The factory is certified By FDA and GMP licensing laws and operates in a sterile environment. It is then packaged ready for shipment.

Is your Moringa irradiated, treated or have any additives?

No, it is not a requirement by AQIS to have Moringa irradiated that comes into Australia. There is also no other treatments required for the importation of Moringa. There are no other additives in our Moringa its just pure 100% clean, high quality Moringa. Please see our Moringa Guarantee.

What are PKM1 Variety Moringa Seeds.
PKM1 Moringa seeds are are selectively bred to produce larger seed pods. They are not genetically modified.