How To Make Moringa Fertiliser

How To Make Moringa Fertiliser

How to make Moringa Fertiliser

Moringa Oleifera Leaf or Moringa Powder can be used as a great fertiliser. You can simply put the leaf or powder directly onto the soil, but the leaf will break down before it works its way down to the roots. Its far better to use Moringa as a liquid fertiliser or foliar spray. Then all of the nutrients get down to the roots immediately.

It is possible to use fresh Moringa leaf or Moringa Powder to make Moringa Fertilser.

Moringa Powder needs to be blended with water as it tends to separate and doesn't mix very well. Simply add 1 tablespoon of Moringa Powder and add to a little water and mix in a blender. If using as a foliar spray you will need to strain through a cloth, or it will block your sprayer. Add to 3 litres of water and you have a liquid Moringa fertiliser.

Use 3-4 Small Fresh Moringa branches with stems removed. Add a little water and put into a blender. Mix and strain through a cloth. Add strained liquid to 3 litres of water and use as a liquid Moringa fertiliser or a Moringa foliar spray.
Liquid Moringa Fertiliser goes off within a couple days so make sure you use it as fresh as possible.

The left over Moringa branches that are left over from pruning can be cut to size and used as a mulch for your pot plants. They break down really quickly and end up looking a little like straw.
Happy plant growing!