Moringa Books

Moringa Books

Moringa Mulunggay Philippines

Authors Luis R Villafuerte and Lalaine Villafuerte - Abonal 306 pages packed with information on Moringa.

In February 2013 I was fortunate to meet with the Co-Author of "Moringa - Mulunggay Philippines. After reading
the book I was amazed at the amount of information had been collated and presented in this book. I then
contacted Lalaine Villafuerte - Abonal and set up a meeting in Manila. Lalaine is truly inspirational and an expert in
her field.
It was well worth the trip to Manila!

I also met with Lalaine's sister Mylene V. Matti.M.D. who is the Founder and Executive Director of GreenEarth Heritage Foundation & .

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation is a farm, a burgeoning reforestation site, a sustainable agricultural development, a haven of peace and tranquility, and a promise of a better tomorrow for members of our growing community.

GreenEarth Heritage Foundation grows organic vegetables as well as Moringa.
Best Moringa book
The book is packed with information on Moringa Oleifera and is a must for anyone wanting to know more about the amazing Moringa Tree.
Topics covered in this book are :
1.The Moringa Story
2.The Socio - Economic Importance of Moringa
3.The Global Prospects of Moringa
4.The Moringa Plant
5.Different Species and Cultivars
6.Production Guide
7.Integrated Uses of the Different Parts of the Plant
8.Medicinal Uses of Every Part of the Plant
9.Moringa as Plant Food
10.Whole Foods Such As The Moringa Is Better Than Synthetic Drugs
11.Reasons Why Vitamin and Mineral Content in Foods Today Are Less Compared With Decades Ago
12.Moringa As Processed Foods
13.Moringa Recipes
14.Moringa As Skin Care
15.Moringa and it's Industrial Uses
16.Moringa: "the Miracle Tree" Is The Tree Referred To In The Bible?
17.Moringa Tree Planting: A Key Weapon Against Global Warming.
18.The Philippines and Moringa

This book is a Must read!

This book is unavailable at this time. You may find it on Amazon.