Moringa Oleifera Pkm1 Seeds Australia

Moringa Oleifera Pkm1 Seeds

Moringa Oleifera PKM1 seeds

Moringa PKM1 hybrid seeds are a product of selective breeding. The seeds have excellent fertilization properties. The PKM1 used for high fruit yield and grows quickly and vigorously with plenty of Moringa leaf.

PKM1 Moringa Advantages
  • PKM1 is a superior moringa variety with commercial viability

  • Long and fleshy pods.

  • PKM1 has Green and abundant nutritive leaves.

  • Rich Moringa Oil content 38 to 42 % of oil

  • PKM1 has the highest yield of drumsticks - 400 fruits/per tree- up to 30 seeds/per pod

  • PKM1 has early fruit-bearing and matures in short time.
  • In ideal conditions flowering starts within 90-100 days

  • Moringa has a high immunity against diseases and pests

  • Seeds cant be sent to Tasmania.
    Western Australian customers please be aware that if the Western Australian Agricultural department intercept the parcel and inspect the parcel they may charge you a fee of $57.00 before they will give you your seeds. This fee may or may not apply and it is the responsibility of the customer to pay this.
    Moringa PKM1 Seeds
    The Moringa Shop's Moringa Seeds are for cultivation only.
    Buy Moringa PKM1 Seeds In Australia
    10 grams of Moringa Oleifera PKM1 seed for cultivation.
    Count approximately 25- 35 seeds per pack.
    Free Postage within Australia

    Moringa PKM1 Seeds

    Moringa PKM1 Seeds

    10 grams of Moringa Oleifera PKM1 seed for cultivation. Count approximatly 25- 35 seeds. Free Postage

    Large Moringa Growing Kit

    Moringa kit

    Deluxe Moringa Growing Kit comes complete with a hard plastic greenhouse, Moringa Seeds, 24 Biodegradable pots, Moringa Fertiliser, Propagation Thermometer and a Moisture Meter.

    Mini Greenhouse with PKM1 Seeds

    Mini Greenhouse PKM1 Seeds

    Moringa propogation kit. Great for getting Moringa seeds going in the colder months.

    Moringa Heat Mat

    Heat Mat

    A propagation heat mat Made in New Zealand

    Moringa Germination Pots

    Seed Pots

    24 Seed Pots

    Plant Moisture Meter

    Plant Moisture Meter

    Moisture meter to test how wet or dry your Moringa plants are.

    Propagation Thermometer

    Propagation Thermometer

    A propagation thermometer helps you regulate the temperature of your germinating Moringa Seeds.