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Moringa Seeds STD

Standard Moringa Oliefera variety. 10 grams of Moringa Oleifera seed for cultivation. Count approximatly 25- 35 seeds. Free Postage Seeds cant be sent to TAS or NZ. WA special conditions apply.

Mini Greenhouse Standard Seeds

Moringa propogation kit. Great for getting Moringa seeds going in the colder months.

Moringa kit

Delux Moringa Growing Kit comes complete with a hard plastic greenhouse, Moringa Seeds, 24 Biodegradable pots, Moringa Fertiliser, Propagation Thermometer and a Moisture Meter.

Seed Pots

24 Seed Pots

Heat Mat

A propagation heat mat Made in New Zealand

Plant Moisture Meter

Moiosture meter to test how wet or dry your Moringa plants are.

Propagation Thermometer

A propagation thermometer helps you regulate the temperature of your germinating Moringa Seeds.
(7 items) 1 page