Moringa Growing Kit - Grow Moringa in cool climates

Moringa Oleifera seeds require warmth to germinate so the mini greenhouse is an ideal way to get Moringa seeds to germinate.
Each pack comes with either Standard Moringa Seeds or PKM1 Super variety Moringa Seeds. As the growing medium has not nutrients in it each pack comes with a pack of Moringa Blend Fertiliser.

Soak your moringa seeds in water for 24 hours.
Wet the pods within the mini greenhouse and plant your seeds after the pods have finished expanding.
Keep moist but not too wet.

Place the mini greenhouse in a warm position.
When the seedlings are getting too large for the Moringa greenhouse remove the growing pod and Moringa seedling and plant in a pot or in the ground. There is no need to separate the pod and the seedling.

For further information on growing Moringa go to how to grow Moringa

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Moringa Growing Kit